The scene opens during a job interview. The hall-facing wall of the office is the common clear glass panel type with its shutters open. One wall is taken by a ceiling to floor wardrobe. The other two walls each have an inscrutably labeled, closed door.


  Your background(1) is interesting... significant,
But I'm still not quite sure you're a right fit.


  Well,... I'd like to emphasize my breadth of experience(2) enables me
to be a great fit to nearly every situation I'd be presented,...
Very well fitting to what you've described of your position,
and to anything new that could show up--


  --This is a perfect time to have a... "fit... closet!"


  (Pointing to the wardrobe and the 2 doors leading out of the room)
"Closet?" Do you mean the wardrobe?
Or what's behind door number 2 or 3?


  Let's Make a Deal!

The Interviewer quickly walks over to the wardrobe and pulls out what appears to be a full body scuba diving suit.
It could be an SM suit, rubber from head to toe.


  See if you can fit into this. Oh! I nearly forgot.
I have something for you to sign.
Oh! And, uh,... Yes. I need to close the shutters.

A montage begins of subsequent signings of documents followed by strange wardrobe fittings...


  (Holding two clothes pins, each featuring the company logo).
The springs on these are... very light.
It also states that on the page you just signed.

The montage continues with wardrobe fittings leading to ever more drastic physical challenges - e.g., fitting on an astronaut's helmet, then an electroshock therapy mouthpiece - that soon turns the interview to a door, which opens to a swimming pool. The montage ends in the office with Jon still wearing the full body suit, dripping wet with rips and blood-stained wounds.


  You're still filling out the suit really well!
You OK?... I'm impressed by your swim in the tank - ahem -
with our sharks.


  Taking swimming with them kinda literally a--
[sighing, then catching breath... bleeding]--aren't you?


  You adjusted to swimming with them really well.
Dare I say you "fit in with them." Even in size!
They're young White Tips. Much younger than you!
Don't worry. Their teeth are much smaller than their mouths.
That always surprises everyone. I was impressed by how
you had the wherewithal to post a selfie while swimming in there.
What's your Instagram ID?


  I was calling 9-1-1.


  I have another document for you to sign.

(1)    TV/internet commercials; corporate video; news shorts sourced/shot; sports shorts/sizzles: NBA, NFL, golf, racing: auto/bike/criminal, surfing/water, beach pro/leisure; full length documentaries: hurricanes, history, animals, architecture, sports, tourism, real estate, Hollywood behind-the-scenes, US/int'l crime, gangs, LA/NYC street culture; music videos/concerts; medical education; award-winning indie shorts.

(2)    Beginning as a professional drummer on multiple record labels, pursuing freelance illustrating simultaneously, I soon segued to graphic design. I applied this digital visual knowledge to earning a Master of Fine Arts degree and gained skills in IT support while still performing on records in New York City. Culminating my visual and audio skills, I entered my true calling in video production with love and family - the greatest of hit makers - enhancing the dynamics of this, our epic soundtrack... our band plays on...

2 min. compilation including professional work. Please contact me for more information.

5 min. compilation of documentary titles, note TRTs. Please contact me with any questions.

2 min. compilation of self-produced, indie film festival work. Please contact me for more information.

   C O R P O R A T E     V I D E O
8x8, Inc.
Security Video
February, 2020.

Roles in video:
Motion Graphics,
Sound Editing &
Video Editing.

  Compare my submitted version with the final version here:

8x8, Inc.
Meet Our Team Video
May, 2019.

Roles in video:
Sound Design,
Sound Editing & Correction,
Video Editing &
Color Correction.

  Compare my submitted version with the final version here:

RS Logo Art Per a non-disclosure agreement, my 12 years of video work at Rockstar Games is not viewable.
Please contact me with any questions.
I had creative visual control of the 1st version of these trailers, following the narration and music already in place, using the capture team including myself to create footage. This was then submitted to the directors, with their revisions ensuing along with team input.
Please contact me for a detailed account of the influence my video work had upon the developers of the environments, design and overall imagery present in this trailer.

I can speak at length concerning the relationship my behind-the-scenes video development had with the imagery of this trailer.

The following link contains all 8 official trailers for this title. If you wish to view its 16 minutes, I can continue the discussion of my behind-the-scenes involvement with the development these trailers represent:

video short
(3 min.)

screened in

juried finalist w/ presentation
cooper union,
new york city

327 bowery,
new york city

cape may, nj

137 wooster,
new york city

video short
(3 min.)

screened in

cape may, nj

141 west 21st,
new york city

las vegas, nv

krakow, poland

seattle, wa

LEFT THE RITE animatic
(3 min.)

Created from its storyboard which was also created for the Left the Rite video short

music video
Gaijin à Go Go
Sony Music, Japan
(4 min.)

Created initial storyboard along with developing scenes and storyline. Assisted director in editing of final cut.

Skebe Baby was created for broadcast and is available on the Enhanced CD release of Happy 55 Lucky by Sony, Japan artist Gaijin à Go Go.

SKEBE BABY animatic
(4 min.)

Created from storyboard of Skebe Baby music video. Storyboard was also created for said video of Sony, Japan artist Gaijin à Go Go.

SAY WHAT? Trailer
TV pilot
© Toy Blue Typewriter Production
(1 min.)

Trailer editor and sound engineer/editor for award-winning TV pilot.

4 min. music video of Space Shuttle footage from official NASA documentaries.
A montage tribute to the defunct NASA Space Shuttle program. Yes, the Space Shuttle program could be viewed as nothing much effectively more than space trucking... versus using space exploration funds to support sexier, more visionary interplanetary space travel. Not quite the self–supporting money maker or the means for advancing "space airline" travel, but important and satellites, telescopes and a space station were launched.

Inadvertently edited like a segment on USA Network's classic weekend video show, Night Flight.

Nouvelle Vague
(127 mins.)
French New Wave Gestalt. A feature–length montage of French New Wave films. A loose narrative has been created using only the visuals and the respective plot elements of the source materials themselves.

I am interested in presenting a method of developing a narrative through editing derived purely from the disparate source material itself and not from a preconceived script or structure.

Fellini Introducione
(118 mins.)
Fellini Gestalt. A feature-length montage of Federico Fellini films. These various clips have been edited together via their common elements from one clip to the next. Hopefully the viewer will gain insight into the motifs, visual and otherwise, which are presented almost obsessively throughout Fellini's oeuvre.

I am also interested in presenting a method of developing a narrative through editing derived purely from the disparate source material itself and not from a preconceived script or structure.

Part 1

Fellini Introducione
Broken into about 16 min. intervals.
Easier to view?

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8